Smart USA Announces Pricing – Base Model Car Will Be $11,590.


If you ask me it seems kind of pricey, seeing as how it only holds 2 people. For 11 grand I could get a 2 year old Honda Civic that fits 5, has a trunk and gets gas mileage almost as good as the Smart Car does. Oh well, I really thought they would go low on these cars in order to get people to buy them. I guess I was wrong.

I love the car; in fact, I would love to have one. It would make for a great run-about for me while working at home. But at $12,000 for a car this size, I cannot, as William Shatner says, get behind that.

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  1. Chuckster says:

    An ’06 Civic with comparable options is selling for $12.5k at auction – you’d pay about 14 (let’s compare retail to retail, shall we?). An ’05 is at your price point, but people scrounging for funds to buy a 3 year old Civic is not the market smart is targeting with this car. Thanks!

  2. Matt says:

    They really are over priced for what you get for them; the car is a great idea but when you look at the price and what else you can get for it, it makes you rethink your purchase.

  3. misty may says:

    Actually these are the cheapest convertibles on the market. Plus super fun to drive!

  4. david says:

    They probably are misty, but they should be…they are tiny go-carts! I am not saying there is anything wrong with them, but to sell more of them, they should have a lower price point.

  5. misty may says:

    11,590.. not bad considering the fun/innovative factor that goes along with driving a smart car. eco-friendly, good mpg and attention getters.
    Lower price point, do you want it for free david?

  6. david says:

    Not free..but a car the size of a motorcycle should probably be priced as such.