Ultimate Frugality – Furnishing Your Entire House From Ebay.

If this is not a testament to saving money and being frugal, I don’t know what is…other than doing garage sales every weekend for years. A British couple has done the seemingly impossible: they furnished their entire new cottage from finds on Ebay. They estimate that they spent $14,000 on furniture and accessories, saving them $86,000 compared to what they think they would have spent on new stuff. For this family it was not all about frugality but rather convenience; however, I am sure they don’t mind saving that amount of cash.

Granted, $14,000 is not a drop in the bucket, but compared to $100,000 to do the same, it ain’t bad either.

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  1. rstlne says:

    But how much of the $14,000 was shipping?

  2. david says:

    Good question!