Sunday Money Roundup – Hot As A Mother Edition.

What the hell does that expression mean anyway? It’s been so damn hot here I am surprised everyone has not moved away. Anyway, here are some stories that caught my eye over the last week. Enjoy!

  • Single Guy and Money asks if married couples have secret stashes of money that their spouses don’t know about. I know I don’t and I assume my wife doesn’t. Do people really do this?
  • Blueprint for Financial Prosperity talks about the risks of going paperless in your financial world. While I am a big advocate of paperless everything, I can see what some of the concerns are. Still, like Jim, I have never had an issue.
  • FIRE Finance has assembled a list of the Top 100 Personal Finance Bloggers. While some people take issue with the various ways they created the list, it’s still pretty cool that they did it at all. No list like this is going to be perfect as there are so many variables. However, being #23 of 100 on one list, #14 of 100 on another list, and #23 of 100 again on the last list, I cannot complain too much.
  • Five Cent Nickel wants your advice on buying a front load washer and dryer. If you have some experience with these, give him some of your thoughts.
  • Seeing as how both of us are from New England, Lazy Man and Money and I have something in common – we both like the Patriots. Check out what Lazy Man learned from the 2001 New England Patriots.
  • Silicon Valley Blogger wants to help you out by giving some info on what you should do if your house is not selling.
  • Moolanomy has a financial check list for those of you about to have a baby. Good advice, as we are starting to plan for one.
  • Tired but Happy’s Mom is flying around the world…for only $119. That’s right, another great example of how frequent flyer miles can add up.

  • That’s all, enjoy your Sunday!

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    1. Pinyo says:

      Thanks for the link! When are you expecting? My wife is due this December.

      I hope to make my checklist a TOC for future posts about baby finance.

    2. Okay that post title sounds very funny. 🙂 Great list!

    3. People can’t move away from the heat because it’s been a scorcher pretty much all over the country this summer.

    4. FIRE Finance says:

      Thanks for the mention of the Top 100 PF Bloggers List. We will improve it with time.
      FIRE Finance

    5. Brip Blap says:

      I agree with raising4boys – NYC is as hot this year in September as we were at the height of July/August in the last couple of years. Just a hot year. Of course it’s going to be snowing in 12 weeks so I’m enjoying it while it lasts!