My Friend Just Had A Baby; Now What?

My very best friend from childhood, whom I have known since I was 3, just had his second child. He also happens to live in one of the most expensive cities in the country – San Francisco. He lives there with his wife, a 2 year old, and the newborn. They currently rent an apartment that costs a pretty penny, and they made some sacrifices along the way that enabled his wife to stay home with their kids. But with the new baby, another “expense” has come along and they started making plans 9 months ago for this arrival. What will they be doing?

Because of the company my friend works for, he gets 1 month paid leave to stay at home. While most companies don’t offer such a generous benefit, my friend has been looking for a new job for a while and will use this month to not only hang out with his new child, but to also spend some quality time looking for that elusive job. Talk about multi-tasking!

Nine months ago when they knew they were pregnant, they started shoveling as much money as possible into their savings account. This not only gives them a cushion for a while with the new expenses, but also enables him to spend some money on job hunting stuff.

They are considering moving to a cheaper city. Although they love where they live, my friend knows it is pretty impossible to buy the kind of house that they want in San Francisco, especially on one salary. So in his job search, he is looking to find a job that meets his expectations but is in a different city. They are open to a few different places, so that should open some more doors for him.

When they had their first child, they knew it would not be their only one. So they saved all of his old clothes and baby goods and can use them with the new child. Plus, the mother breast-feeds, so that saves some dough on baby formula. (Plus, it’s better for the kid!)

They will be inviting family out to stay with them and help them out. This “2 baby” thing is new to them and they will need all the help they can get, especially if he wants to spend some of his paid month off looking for a new gig. So they are inviting both his and her parents out for visits at first to help with running the household. I recommend this to anyone having a child, as it certainly seems to help keep things running smoothly!

So, if you already had a kid and were about to have another, what kind of changes would you make in your life to make the transition to a multiple-child household easier?

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