The Purge – How To Automatically Get Rid Of Stuff In Your House.

A few weekends ago, my wife and I decided to set up a basket in our hall, tucked under an alcove, that will be the “Give Away” pile. Both of us are always coming across things in the house that need to go to Goodwill or wherever, and since we never had a place for it be stored, oftentimes it went back into it’s home until the next time it was found. Well, no more.

I figured that since we have baskets to organize our financial records – shred, file, taxes, etc – that we should have a place to put the stuff we don’t want. So this wicker basket sits in the alcove, waiting to be filled with things we no longer want or need. My mom cannot figure out how we ever have anything that needs to go to Goodwill as we seem to clean out the house so often, but somehow stuff sneaks back in. And each time the basket gets filled up, one of us will run it over to the donation center and get rid of it. Now, cleaning out any clutter or junk has become automatic because we have a place to put it when we come upon it.

So if you have trouble getting rid of stuff that you know you don’t need, come up with a place to store it all together, in plain sight, until you can get to the place to donate it. It will become almost automatic and you can see the fruits of your labor pile up week after week. This way, things don’t get forgotten or tucked away for you to find later; they are right there waiting to be taken away!

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  2. bluntmoney says:

    We do this as well, only with bag(s) in the garage. They are right in front of our cars, so we see them every day as we pull in & out of the garage. It’s always a good feeling when we have a carload and can take them to Goodwill.

  3. david says:

    If I had a garage, that’s where ours would be as well!

  4. My box is in our bedroom. Another thing I do is take the box out to the car as soon as it’s full. That way I never forget to take it to Goodwill. 🙂

  5. Fraktfritt says:

    We live miles away from any goodwill store but thanks to ebay and craiglist our “basket” (garage) gets cleaned out once a month – anything that does´nt get sold gets dumped.

  6. Valerie says:

    I keep a bag in my closet that I fill and take to my family when I visit them. They take what they want and my mom takes the rest to a donation center. My sisters hate buying clothes for themselves because they’d rather buy stuff for their kids/family, so they get ‘new’ clothes from me every now and then, along with other household items. Anything of real value or that they wouldn’t use, I try to sell on craigslist.