CVS Giving Out $25 Gift Cards For New Prescriptions.

Although I would not recommend coming down with something just to get a $25 gift card, it seems that CVS is giving these out for any new or transferred prescriptions. I know because I got two new prescriptions for this awful flu that I have been battling and I got $50 in gift cards to use in the store. Not bad really…but I still would give them back in trade for getting rid of this cold.

But $50 is $50 and it was free, so I will take it. Anyway, if you have a prescription held at another pharmacy, you could always transfer it to CVS for the gift card, and then transfer it back to the pharmacy of your choice. It’s hard not to take someone up on their offer of free money!

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  1. Dang I transferred to CVS right before this was offered. Maybe I’ll see what I can do about getting the GC anyways

  2. david says:

    Transfer out and transfer right back in!

  3. In our area, Ralphs (part of Kroger) has just started giving out $30 gift cards with new or transferred prescriptions. (They used to give out $20, but now they have to compete with CVS.)

  4. heather says:

    Target also does this all the time. I have a prescription that I fill monthly, and I usually go Target, then Wal-Mart, then back to Target.

  5. barry says:

    Where do I get this coupon or offer ?

  6. david says:

    Hi Barry, all you have to do is go into a CVS….I just took 2 new scripts in and got $50 in gift cards!