Presenting The 106th Carnival Of Debt Reduction.

Come one come all to the 106th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. My name is My Two Dollars and I will be your ringmaster for today’s visit. But before you head out to the tents or to leave for the day, won’t you consider subscribing to my own personal dialog by either RSS or Email so you don’t miss the daily discussions? Thank you so much! For this Carnival we have a few tents set up for you to check out; the Big Top Tent where the top six attractions are and the all the Smaller Tents for the other acts that would not fit in the Big Top. Sorry, only 6 acts could fit in the big tent! If for some reason an act you thought was going to be here is not, it’s because we only have room for acts related to Debt Reduction and not much else…after all, it is the Carnival of Debt Reduction and your acts have to have something to do with reducing debt! I highly recommend you check out all the acts in today’s Carnival as you want to make your visit worthwhile, right? On with the show!!


Inside The Big Top Tent We Have The Following Spectacular Acts:

John presents Queercents: Almost Debt Free series posted at Queercents. This is a “must-read” article about sacrifices one makes to be debt-free and whether they are worth it. “Last month I pondered the question if I sacrificed too much on my path to becoming debt free. I wrote the article in response to a performance review from my employer stating that my 60+ hour workweeks were not sufficient. Naturally I was a bit annoyed, and I questioned the purpose of working even longer unappreciated hours.”

glblguy presents Financial Peer Pressure, Stop The Influence! posted at Gather Little By Little. I love articles like this. I am firm believer in not trying to keep up with the Joneses, and this article does a great job of discussing this. “Peer pressure is worse now as an adult than it ever was as a kid. Bigger homes, ceramic tile, greener lawns, new BMWs, exotic vacations, your neighbor got a big screen TV that’s 2 inches bigger than yours”¦the list goes on. As much as I hate it, my friends, neighbors and co-workers impact my desires for stuff and ultimately my spending. I’m sure your friends do as well. Their interests and purchases tempt me, even thought I try to avoid it.”

nickel presents Q&A: Debt Reduction Strategy posted at fivecentnickel.com Solid advice about debt reduction from a pretty well-known personal finance blogger. “Another strategy would be to apply for one or more 0% balance transfer credit card offers up front. While these offers won’t necessarily provide 0% for life, there are a ton of 12 month offers that can be rolled over to a new offer if/when they expire. These funds could then be used to kill off the high interest credit card debt as well as a portion of the second mortgage.”

Dong presents Mary Ann’s Money Makeover: Tackling Some Credit Card Debt posted at AskDong. More solid advice about how to tackle your debt methodically and with purpose. “The other day I was talking with my friend, Mary Ann, about her credit card debt, trying to give her some advice on how to tackle it. It’s easy to say pay if off, but it’s harder to come up with a concrete plan. Given that the interest rate on her credit card is at 20%, finding creative ways to pay off that debt quickly can make a huge difference even in a few months.”

Lynnae presents Avoid Going Into Debt When Disaster Strikes posted at beingfrugal.net. This one took us a while to get to, but now we know we are at the point where we would not have to go into debt if a small emergency were to happen. “You’re at home on the weekend getting caught up on the chores. You wipe down the sink, sweep the floor, and then open the dryer to fold the clothes. That’s when you realize that something is terribly wrong. Your clothes are still wet. You don’t have an emergency fund. What are you going to do?”

Jimmy Atkinson presents 25 Most Influential Personal Finance Bloggers (By the Numbers) posted at Ask the Advisor. The reason I am including this even though it is not directly related to credit card debt is because these are some of the personal finance bloggers you should be reading if you are looking for good advice about your finances. Be sure to read over the list and see if there are any that you have been missing!

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And Inside The Smaller Tents We Have The Following Acts:

paidtwice presents Reflections on Our Recent Credit Card Balance Surfing posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already….

Kyle James presents 10 Tips For Debt Reduction posted at Rather-Be-Shopping.com Blog.

The Happy Rock presents Our Personal Paying Cash For Cars Story posted at The Happy Rock.

Patricia O’Rourke presents found money posted at (spare) change is good.

Trent Hamm presents Patience posted at The Simple Dollar

Steve_Leung presents Empowering Yourself Through Your Credit Rating posted at Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog.

John Crenshaw presents Is That The President’s Hand In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? posted at Irvine Mortgage and Refinance.

NCN presents Day 18 of 33 Days And 33 Ways To Save Money And Reduce Debt: Remember Due Dates posted at No Credit Needed.

Stephanie presents Thirteen Things I’ve Been Paid to Write About – TT#12 posted at Stop the Ride!.

KCLau presents Analyze Income & Expenses Flow in Your Life with Practical Advices posted at KCLau’s Money Tips.

Aaron Wakling presents FICO Score – Understanding Your FICO Credit Score posted at The Credit & Credit Card Blog.

Grace presents Mean Ole Grace posted at GRACEful Retirement.

Matt presents Think Small – The Pieces Add Up posted at One Million and beyond.

Thomas Humes presents Retirement Planning – This Simple Rule Can Make it Easy for Baby Boomers posted at Wealth Building World.

Allen Taylor presents On The Quick and Easy Path To Achieving Trading Mastery posted at Personal Investing Advice.

Eric Stanley presents Retirement Planning – Do You Know If You Have Enough? posted at Personal Finance Blog Articles.

Reggie presents What little I know about: Auto Insurance posted at Reggie, another kid with good credit.

Daniel Meek presents Financial Reality Check! posted at Got Guts?.

Steve Faber presents – How to Avoid Foreclosure posted at Debt Free.

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  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the link and for hosting the carnival.

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    thanks for including my article. This is a very creative kind of presentation. Well done!

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    Wow, I made the big top!! Thanks for hosting. Sincerely appreciate it.

  4. Patty says:

    thanks so much for including my article from my brand new blog.
    I could get lost in these tents for days!

  5. Well done, thanks for including my article!

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