Carnivals And Festivals For The Week of September 24 2007.

This week, My Two Dollars took part in 2 different carnivals: The Carnival of Personal Finance and The Festival of Frugality. I also hosted the Carnival of Debt Reduction on Monday and am hosting the Festival of Frugality on Tuesday the 2nd. Be sure to check back then!

First up, the Carnival of Personal Finance #119 over at Blunt Money. My post “Do You Ever Spend Money On Anything?” was chosen as a favorite, and the following posts caught my eye:

  • Grad Money Matters presents Campaign Against Financial Myths: 82 Myths Busted!

  • Money, Matter, and More Musings presents A Quick Financial Awareness Wake-up Call.

  • Moolanomy presents The True Earning Power and the Real Cost of Luxuries.

  • Next up was the Festival of Frugality #93 over at Money & Values. My post “Ultimate Frugality – Ten New Ways For You To Save Money “ was included as a favorite, and the following posts also sparked my interest:

  • Raising4Boys presents How to Build a Double (or Single) Desk on the Cheap, Part 3

  • KCLau presents Should you focus on Increasing income or reducing expenses?

  • Kyle James presents Would You Remain Frugal If You Won The Lottery?

  • So if you have a minute, be sure to go check out these fine carnivals!

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    1. Pinyo says:

      Thank you for mentioning my post. I will be hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction this coming Monday, so don’t forget to submit. 🙂