Sunday Money Roundup – County Fair Edition.

Today we are headed to the L.A. County Fair as we never made it the last time we had planned to go. Attending this fair in here in Los Angeles because I never knew we had that many “fair-attending” folks in the area! While we are out enjoying some hot sun and fried foods, you should check out the following posts that I found interesting this week:

  • Moolanomy explains the 7 Deadly Sins of Personal Finance. Seen the movie “Seven”? Good, then you are familiar.

  • Brip Blap tells us that today is better than the day before. I wish I was this optimistic every morning when I wake up!

  • Money Ning asks a simple question of you: “Are You Motivated Enough To Be Financially Free?” Why yes, I am!

  • Everybody Loves Your Money tells you What Should Your Net Worth Be – By Age. Of course, it all depends on circumstance and if you are going to inherit millions when your elders pass away 😉

  • Silicon Valley Blogger offers advice on increasing your real estate. I am all for this information!

  • Blueprint for Financial Prosperity teaches us the 8 Personal Finance Lessons He Learned From Monopoly. Have you seen the ads on TV for the new version of Monopoly? It’s got debit and credit cards instead of cash money…kind of lame.

  • Money, Matter and More Musings asks if Signing The Back Of Your Credit Cards Is Useless Fraud Prevention Advice? I wonder the same thing quite often as no one ever looks at the back of my cards when I use them.

  • Punny Money makes the most of the Olive Garden All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. You think you can win the battle against an all-you-can-eat place? You should read this first.

  • Clever Dude has a funny but potentially sad post up titled Will Baby Boomers be our next crime wave? I see it now, my mom wearing a mask driving an A-Team like van speeding across state lines. Fantastic.

  • Here’s to the beginning of another great week!

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    1. Pinyo says:

      It has been a crazy weekend and I just got a chance to catch up. Thank you for the mention. It’s an honor!

    2. Brip Blap says:

      Thanks for the mention! I would be lying if I said I was as optimistic as my post sounds EVERY morning, but I’m trying to be!

    3. devil says:

      Great links…thanks!

      The guy trying to eat Olive Garden into bankruptcy is a little sad, though.