Mortgage Lenders Issuing Fake Housing Alerts To Get You To Refinance.

I just came across a post on this website showing what some mortgage lenders are up to in New Mexico. It seems that they are leaving these notices on people’s doors, making them think that they might be in some kind of trouble with the government regarding their house and they need to contact the company immediately. The writer of the article says he gets them all the time, and says they are aimed at senior citizens and is meant to sucker them into getting new mortgages before their current ones run out. I know I would see right through this, but would you? Would your parents or grandparents?


This is just shameful that these predatory lending companies would stoop this low to try to get people to refinance their mortgage. I cannot fathom would would happen if my 96 year old grandmother had gotten one of these when she owned her house…I am sure she would have called.

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  1. KJS says:

    That is really scummy. I wonder how they feel about themselves when they go to sleep at night – you’d think it would be a load on their conscience, knowing that they are taking advantage of others. However, given their business tactics, they probably don’t care. *sigh*