Save Some Money With Senseo Multi-Use Refill Pods.


If you own one or have taken advantage of the offers I have posted here for free Senseo single cup coffee machines, this post is for you. I have just found that instead of buying the packets of 16 coffee pods for between $3 – $4 dollars, you can instead buy refillable “Ecopads” that you can fill with your own coffee! These Ecopads can be washed in the dishwasher, are very environmentally friendly, and can use your coffee of choice instead of the standard types that Senseo offers. For us, it is important to try to only drink organic coffee, as the pesticides on regular coffee are very bad for you…especially when the beans get ground up and have hot water strained through them. So with these reusable pods you can use your everyday coffee grounds to make just one cup instead of an entire pot in your standard coffee maker.

So if you own a Senseo or are expecting one in the mail, you might want to pick up one of these Ecopad packs…they are only $6 at Amazon and can be re-used a ton of times. I just ordered mine and hope to get them in a few days. No more buying the pods from Senseo and being stuck with whatever coffee they offer me!

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  1. MoneyNing says:

    Let me know how this works out! I’m very interested in hearing about whether you like it or not once you receive it and have a chance to test it.

    Btw, I see a ton of people trying to sell the senseo coffee machine on ebay right now 🙂