Sunday Money Roundup – The Couch Is Calling Edition.

This weekend I am not doing a thing…after attending two fairs around Los Angeles, I think I deserve some down time. If you happen to be spending your down time on the computer, won’t you check out some articles I found interesting this week?

Money Ning says that Zecco Needs to Hire a Marketing Team and Why I Use ETrade Financial. While I use neither (I use Scottrade for individual stocks), I can understand the frustration!

Brip Blap has some great advice for stopping negative thoughts. Although not entirely about personal finance, you can put these tips to good use in any situation.

Silicon Valley Blogger tells you Why The Rich Get Richer: An Entirely Different Perspective. So that’s why!

Money Smart Life advises you to Start Your Christmas Gift Fund In October so you can avoid holiday debt. I am with you on this one…in fact, I would go far as to say you should buy gifts all year long so it’s less of a shock to the system come December!

No Credit Needed has Day 24 of 33 Days And 33 Ways To Save Money And Reduce Debt: Roth IRA. Great chart on the long term prospects of Roth accounts…

Money, Matter, and More Musings asks an interesting question – “Most Personal Finance Bloggers Are Rich, Self-Righteous, And Inflexible?“. Am I rich? No. Am I Self-Righteous? I suppose I can be in certain situations. Am I inflexible? I don’t think so. Very interesting article with a letter from a reader.

That’s all folks, here is to a great week coming up!

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