Backup Your Important Docs – 1GB USB Thumb Drive Only $9.99


I have written before about the benefits of USB Thumb Drives as portable backups for your important information…we use them in our emergency kit to store backups of our credit card #’s, ID’s, insurance contacts, etc, and I also carry one in my messenger bag – just in case. Always on the lookout for a discounted thumb drive, I came across this 1GB model this morning for only $9.99 from Buy.com and it even has free budget shipping.

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  1. steve says:

    Their is a 2GB on Buy.com for $16.95 and w/google checkout it is $6.95.

    Just trying to help out.


  2. David says:

    Even better, thanks Steve!

  3. Bo says:

    David, I strongly support using a jump drive to back up your docs. I would add one tiny bit of info to it though….hey, I’m an IT geek just trying to help.

    -If you are backing up crucial, identity type information (SSN, Card numbers, account info, etc..), I would definitely recommend an encryption tool to protect all of the info stored on the drive.

    It is as easy as encrypting the documents with a password. There are plenty of free tools for stuff like this.

    -7zip to password protect any file:
    -KeePass to store passwords and other info:

    And the best part is they are all free and are made for a USB drive!

    Hope that helps some.

  4. david says:

    Awesome tips…never thought about it because they just sit in our emergency kit, but they should probably be protected just in case. Appreciate the tips, will look into it tomorrow!