Ten Ways Living Simply Can Save You Money.

I get emails all the time from readers asking for simple tips to make their lives a little more affordable and figured I would come up with a quick list of ten things I thought could be implemented by the average person to both save money and help them live a more simple life. Hope they help!

1. Be satisfied with the gadgets you have and don’t covet every new thing that comes to market. A cell phone is a cell phone is a cell phone. They all do the same thing…make calls.

2. A car is a hunk of metal meant to bring you from Point A to Point B. Don’t go broke trying to look rich if you aren’t.

3. Buy only what you need. How many people throw away food each week because they bought so much of it in bulk? On sale…you know, to save money!

4. Live in a house that you can easily afford. Are you paying for a 4,000 square foot house for your family of three? It costs a lot just to run a house that big, notwithstanding the mortgage payment itself.

5. Only do laundry once a week? Try hanging your clothes to dry on a drying rack or clothes line…gets you outside and saves you money.

6. Keep only one credit card in your wallet, and be sure it is a rewards card. I am guilty of not doing this and need to change my habits as well. With only one card, your rewards really rack up and you only have one bill to worry about.

7. Clothes last a long time…there really isn’t much need to buy new clothes that often. Other than some socks and a pair of shoes I bought recently, I have not really bought clothing in a long time. Jeans, for instance, can last years…and how many pairs do you really need?

8. Consider going without a car. If you live in a city with decent public transportation and/or you work from home (like me), could you do without a car for yourself? Imagine not having a car payment, insurance bills, gas bills, maintenance. Believe me, this was hard for me, but I have been without a car since March and it is fantastic.

9. Put $10 a week into a saving account and make it automatic so you don’t even notice. It may not seem like much at first, but over time it adds up to really make a difference if an emergency (or a vacation!) comes along and you don’t have to pay with credit.

10. Stay away from anything that is addictive. Drink too much? It gets expensive to go out every week. Smoke? That will cost you at least $180 a month. Addiction costs not only money but also possibly your health.

Do you have any tips for those looking to live a simple life and save some money? What do you do that enables you to live that kind of life?

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  1. Bo says:

    This might sound really elementary but I will share anyway.

    Wait at least 24 hours before buying something (meaning sleep before you buy it). This has definitely helped me with those crippling impulse buys.

  2. david says:

    That is elementary, but it also might be the most important. I should have mentioned it, thanks for doing so!

  3. PinoyTech says:

    Pull the TV plug. Almost everything you watch on TV can be found on the internet.

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