Sam’s Club To Sell Lithium Powered Smart Car This Christmas.


As you might have read before on my site, I am not a fan of anything related to Wal-Mart (I won’t get into it here), but I do think it is pretty cool that they are going to be selling a Lithium-Battery powered Smart Car from Sam’s Club stores this Christmas. For only $35,000 you can get your hands on an emission and gasoline free Smart Car that seats two and goes 70 mph for 100 miles on a single charge. If only I had an extra $35K around here somewhere…if you happen to have the cash, you also get:

The Package includes a Once-In-A-Lifetime experience where you will strap in for a day of space exploration at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the gateway to NASA’s launch headquarters and one of Central Florida’s most popular destinations.

I have been to the Kennedy Space Center and although it’s been a while, it was pretty damn cool. Hat tip to AutoblogGreen for this story.

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Comments (6)

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Looks like a death trap to me. God help the people who actually buy one of these.

    Seems like you’d be better off buying a Honda Civic for 50% less. Fits two extra people and it has to be safer.

    $10,000 and you might have a winner, but $35k is insane.

  2. Sumesh says:

    $35000? Ho ho hooy…. 😀 You could get a 2 hybrids for that amount.

  3. Pinyo says:

    I love the concept, but I agree with Jimmy. In the U.S., one wrong move and bam…you are shredded under those huge SUVs — not to mention all the trucks.

  4. David says:

    I drive a Mini in the US…not much different, really. And sure, $35K is a lot…but not gas. Someday, we will all drive these around!

  5. Lazy Man says:

    Yeah, that’s kind of expensive. And even if you aren’t paying for gas, I’m sure it’s costing electricity. I’m waiting for something that has the option to use both. You have to have some kind of emergency back-up, right?

  6. david says:

    Well they certainly are not for long hauls..but anyone that commutes under 50 miles round trip could use one every day and have no need for gas at all.

    That being said…I am trying to wait for the Hybrid Plug-In Prius.