Blog Action Day – One Day To Discuss The Environment.

In case you did not notice around the rest of the internet, today is Blog Action Day, where bloggers and websites from around the world have agreed to discuss one topic – the environment. So in honor of this day, I am going to donate all proceeds that my blogs make to the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of my favorite organizations. And to contribute to the discussion about the environment, I wanted to bring one of my all time favorites (and popular) articles over from my other site The Good Human to help spread the word. Hope you like it, and please try to keep the environment in mind as you go about your day – it’s an important issue!

Why Are They Afraid To Admit Climate Change Is Happening?


Whether it is the fault of SUV drivers, hippies, cats and dogs, space travel or air conditioning, there is a consensus that global warming IS happening…so why are they so adamant that it isn’t?

Every day in the newspaper or on the television, there is someone somewhere speaking out against all the “loonies” who think that humans are causing climate change. Fox News does it every day, and now CNN has Glenn Beck on their air talking about how global warming is not happening and is a myth. But WHY are they saying it is not happening? Taking care of the earth is not a partisan or social issue; it is a human issue and the fact is that the earth is getting warmer, storms are becoming more fierce, our water and air are getting dirtier, our foods are more laden with pesticides…why should we not care? What is it about these people that make them want to get on the air or in print and say it’s not happening, you are all crazy, humans can’t possibly be doing anything wrong?

I do what I can, I hope I inspire my readers to do the small things that they are capable of doing, and I hope I help to spread the word a little bit. That is all I am trying to do. Not many of us can go live off the grid in a cave and hope for the best; we must do what we can. If it is only a natural cycle as these people are saying, then what is the harm in trying to slow down or reverse the cycle? In case they skipped out on history or geography class, species were wiped out the last bunch of times this happened. Sure, it was not the fault of humans then, but scientists are saying that this time it is. At least the acceleration of it is…so I do not see the harm in working to try to prevent it from happening again. What are they so afraid of? Why is Al Gore so evil for trying to encourage us to be more thoughtful of the world around us?

So the next time someone accuses you of being a crazy environmentalist for wanting to put CFL light bulbs in your house, ask them what the harm is. When they question your choice of organic foods, fair trade clothing or sustainable building, ask them why they are so against taking care of the earth. For me, I would love to know the reasons, as I have not been able to figure it out yet. The obvious reason for some of these people is that they have ties and/or are getting paid by oil and chemical companies to spout their garbage. That’s nice…make a paycheck at the expense of the 6.5 billion people living together on this planet. I want a clean planet. I want to eat food free of pesticides and chemicals. I want the sky to be blue. I do not want my grandchildren to live a miserable life because we did not do anything to try to reverse this trend. I just do not see the benefit of NOT doing anything and in fact fighting against any kind of change that will help the rest of us out. So I buy clothing made with organic fabrics, does that make me crazy? No, it makes me thoughtful of what I put on my back, the money that I spend, and the people that make the goods I buy. Global warming is a real and possibly deadly threat. Instead of downplaying people’s concerns and urging us to buy gas guzzling trucks and fast food for dinner, how about a little common sense. Even if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the planet, don’t you think making the changes that are being encouraged by “green” people everywhere is a good idea?

I sure do.

So next time someone asks you why you care, be sure to tell them. Don’t hide from them, stand up tall and let them know. It does not even have to be an argument about global warming, politics or money. Just tell them it’s because you care about the world around you and you want to see the world clean up it’s act; we have been neglecting it for far too long.

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  1. Jon says:

    Sometimes I think people who are *so* concerned about fighting climate change are just like the people who want to rebuild New Orleans below sea level. We want to change the behavior of everybody on Earth, hoping and praying that nothing *else* causes the oceans to rise, and just keep building cities and houses right on the beach. Yeah good plan.

    If, as you suggest, it *may* be a natural cycle that we can do nothing about, then I suggest we don’t spend 100% of our energy fighting it. How about we spend 50% on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption (good things regardless of climate change), and 50% thinking of long-term things like moving people away from the ocean a mile or two, improving readiness for hurricanes and other weather phenomena, maybe even rethinking building and home design to make them more portable.

    Another thing to think about is that some large parts of the world (Canada, Russia, Greenland, northern US?) will be *better* if there’s some global warming.

    By the way, the reason some of them are called “loonies” is because they sound raving mad about climate change. They make it sound like you could wake up tomorrow and billions of people around the world will have their homes under water. No, sorry, it’s going to take time and nobody is going to be drowned under 300 foot waves of ice water.

  2. david says:

    I mostly agree with you…we should not be building right on the water, on shaky ground, or right in the path of hurricanes. This should be changed!

    No parts of the world will be better with global warming, as everywhere affects everywhere else. Hotter temps in Greenland, etc, cause million year old glaciers to melt, which causes sea levels to rise, which causes….you get my drift.

    The key is “some” of them are called loonies…not all of them. There are loonies on every side of every equation – we need common sense and methodical thinking, not drastic measures in one way or the other.

    But the main argument in my article is that even if absolutely nothing was happening, what is wrong with taking care of the planet (and us)? I just don’t get anyone fighting efforts to curb pollution, pesticides on foods, and child labor in third world countries.

    Thanks for the comment!

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  7. PinoyTech says:

    Very good post. Too sad not enough people are doing their job of saving the environment.

  8. Tim says:

    nothing wrong with taking care of the planet…first thing to do is get rid of the small plastic bags that every third world country loves to use and have become the national bird and national flower of every third world country.

    we also see through a different prism. child labor in third world countries seems bad to us, but for them that is the reason they have lots and lots of kids.

    i remember growing up in the 70’s and 80’s when the ozone was a big deal. no one talks about it anymore, because the hole shrank. was there good that came out of it? sure, we decreased acid rain, we reduced use of CFCs, we planted lots of trees, etc. the US consumes a lot of oil and emits a lot of CO2, but we also emit cleaner than most. Can we do better, yes, but let’s stop saying we are so bad when there are many other countries that do worse. Do your part if you want, and push the actual worst offenders.

    personally, having lived and worked in lots of 2nd and 3rd world countries, being green means that I can walk around and not have to wade through a bunch of trash. who knows if global warming is human caused or not, maybe it’s all the methane pigs and cows emit, let’s stop eating them and get rid of animal poop (then we wouldn’t have organic food). I agree, there is no downside to you doing what you can, but i think the jury is still out on global warming. i just hate walking through a pile of garbage.

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  10. David says:

    “child labor in third world countries seems bad to us, but for them that is the reason they have lots and lots of kids.”

    That is a huge statement. Care to qualify it? I am hoping you meant something else!

  11. I have lots of kids, and I don’t use them for child labor.

    Here is something that is happening that is pretty hard for people on either side of the global warming debate to deny. Check out this post:


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    Anything that you can do to share this link or help promote awareness of this issue will be greatly appreciated. Normally, I don’t ask for this kind of help, but the issue is that important to me.

    Thank you!

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