Blog Action Day Roundup – Easy Green Hints All In One Place.

Yesterday this blog (and oh, 14,000 other ones) took part in Blog Action Day and here are the different posts from within the M-Network of Personal Finance Bloggers. Be sure to check them out, for both their environmental green and their money green!

* Blog Action Day – Being Frugal and the Environment @ Being Frugal
* 10 Mutual Funds For A Greener Future @ Gather Little By Little
* 10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (and 9 of them will save you money!) @ I’ve Paid For This Twice Already”¦
* Save money. Save your health. Save the planet. Walk @ Plonkee Money
* Blog Action Day @ Single Guy Money
* Little things you can do to save money and our planet @ Moolanomy

Also, on a separate issue, if you wish to donate to a charity in honor of this day, my friend Nickel over at Five Cent Nickel is matching any donations up to $1,000 for the rest of this week, with all proceeds going to The Conservation Fund. If you can, go donate a few bucks and Nickel will match it with his own funds. As for me, I am sending both my blogs earnings from yesterday to the NRDC this morning!

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  1. MoneyNing says:

    Support the donation! I did also!