Prenups R Us – McCartney To Give Mills $51 Million Dollars.

If you were worth billions, had just lost your wife to cancer, and were having a quickie wedding to an unknown actor/activist….would you have written up a prenup? Yea, me too.

British rock and roll icon Paul McCartney has offered to pay Heather Mills a divorce settlement of $51 million, the Mirror reported Wednesday.

Most of us don’t need a prenup because, well, we don’t have all that much to lose when we get married. I know I didn’t when I got married…she could have taken my leased Audi or my favorite pair of Levi’s or a few bucks from my savings account, but that’s about it.

Seriously…$51 million…for being married a few years to a guy that made all his money years ago. Ridiculous.

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  1. Randall says:

    Yeah, but with a net worth of over $1 Billion dollars, while it’s not chicken feed, he’s not going to be missing any lunches either.

    Remember the old joke – “Why are divorces so expensive? Because they’re worth it!”

  2. boomie says:

    Heather (wife) wanted a pre-nup but Sir Paul said no. He believed in ‘true love’. Paul got what he deserved. Linda must be rolling over in her grave.

  3. dong says:

    I mean really in the end what does Paul care. $51 million, he makes that in interest a year… When you’re really rich you can afford to get divorced. It’s the middle class that gets socked (both parties) in a divorce.