Ten Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Today.

10. You got 2 out of the 6 numbers on last weeks lottery and you are sure that you are now getting close to hitting 3 of them. It’s only a matter of time before you hit all 6.

9. Your cubicle was moved next to the restroom last week and today your office went out for lunch to some gross restaurant.

8. You have not gotten a pay raise in over 5 years, so after taxes you are making less now than you did working at McDonald’s in college.

7. Your boss forgot your name again even though you are his nephew.

6. Watching TV in your pajamas is way more fun than getting up, sitting in traffic, shuffling papers, sitting in traffic, and coming home.

5. The company’s financial situation is so bad that instead of them contributing to your 401K, they are asking you to contribute to their petty cash account.

4. You really miss your parents and want to move back home at 38, but they are Boise, Idaho and your job is in Manhattan.

3. The IT guys blocked Digg, Reddit, Boing Boing, MySpace, Facebook and Stumble Upon, leaving you with only actual work to do.

2. Because you get asked every day why you are single, you have taken to cutting pictures from magazines and putting them in frames, telling everyone that the girl in your pictures is your girlfriend.

1. Due to cost cutting, you have been replaced by the boss’s daughter…and she is 9.

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  1. lulu says:

    These were funny. Number 6 can be a real situation and is something a lot of people do every day.

  2. David says:

    Lulu- It’s what I do!

  3. plonkee says:

    Yeah we have many sites blocked. Its a good job I actually like what I do for a living.

  4. MoneyNing says:

    #9 might actually be a plus. At least you will get to the restroom if everyone wanted to go at the same time.

  5. PinoyTech says:

    Nice. The funny thing about number 3 is that I’m the IT guy who blocked them 🙂

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  7. Pinyo says:

    Great list. Real funny stuff.

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  12. bo says:

    They say there is truth in sarcasm. (not sure who “they” are)

    But these are very true for me and hilarious!

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