Search 9,000 Libraries At Once For Free.

Sometimes, the local library just isn’t that great. If you live in a smaller town or a more rural area, your library might not have the books or information that you are looking for. And if you happen to be working on a book or paper or homework, this could be a real problem. And that is where World Cat comes in, which allows you to search over 60 million records in over 9,000 different libraries, all free of charge.

I can guess that probably the best use of this site would be to search other libraries that might be within driving distance to you, but that you are not a member of and/or they don’t have online search abilities. I suppose one could also use it for research, which would have been invaluable back in school. Oh how I wish the internet was around back then…these “kids” have no idea how easy they have it!

Anyway, check out World Cat and see how you can search 9,000 different libraries at once, it’s pretty cool.

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  1. Bellen says:

    For some unknown reason, my library system here in SW Florida has me search World Cat when looking for a book our system doesn’t have. I have found some really obscure books – not necessarily a book I was looking for. It is truly amazing what libraries have. And thank goodness my system can still get them for me.

    We have had budget cuts that have reduced hours, increased fines, increased non-resident card fees (translates to snowbirds) and decreased staff. I’m willing to pay the same $35 for a yearly card just to have access to all the wonderful resources available thru the library.

  2. Bo says:

    Holy crap, I wish I had this when I was in high school! I am the example you used (about the kid doing homework in a really small town with a very crappy library).

    Man that would have saved me so much time, hassle and worry!

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  4. […] Finally, David provided a link for searching over 9,000 libraries online (for free!).Weekly […]

  5. beth says:

    Finding that something exists in WorldCat won’t really help someone who waited until the last minute, unless they can drive to get the material (and can borrow or at least view it!).

    The real benefit of searching through WorldCat is that if you can identify a book you need, your library can usually get it for you – it’s called Inter-Library Loan and is usually free or quite inexpensive. It’s brilliant!

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