Sunday Money Roundup – California Wildfires Edition.

Southern California is becoming more and more dangerous to live in….between the earthquakes, the mudslides and these yearly wildfires, I cannot wait to move away from here. Moving to Taos could not come soon enough! While I contemplate leaving this place, here are some articles that I found interesting this past week:

Money Ning ponders becoming debt free and what he would do at that point.

No Credit Needed has a great post up titled “I Just Purchased A Minivan – Here’s How I Purchased Our Used (But New-To-Us) Vehicle Without Borrowing Any Money“.

Zen Habits lets you in on 9 Tips to Throw Off the Chains of Consumerism.

Silicon Valley Blogger decides it’s time to leave the rat race and retire. I could not agree more and could not be happier now that I am “semi-retired” and working for myself!

Punny Money tells you how you should go about Laying Down Ground Rules Before Entering Into A Roommate Situation.

Lazy Man And Money talks about the new Ebay ads saying “It’s better when you win it“…and I have to agree with him on his opinion.

Five Cent Nickel hits the big time and gets his article “What would you do if you found lost cash?” featured on MSN Money. Congrats Nickel!

And from the M-Network:

Being Frugal talks about the benefits of unemployment.

Christian PF covers Kiplinger’s “Best of 2007” issue.

DebtFREE-Revolution ponders the question “If I were Debt Free”¦”.

Gather Little By Little has some tips for saving money while eating out.

Moolanomy covers his family’s emergency plan for financial emergencies – do you have one?

Paid Twice comes back from vacation and goes over the vacation budget.

Plonkee Money asks “Are you swayed by marketing?”

Single Guy & Money is still shopping for an inexpensive investment property.

The Dough Roller put together a great post titled The Doomsday Fund: How Planning for the Worst Prepares You for the Best.

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