Carnivals And Festivals For The Week of October 29 2007

My Two Dollars took part in several money carnivals this week:

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted this week by Millionaire Mommy Next Door, and my post “Money Mistake Monday – Doesn’t Care How You Pay For It Girlfriend” was included. This Carnival has some prizes and voting capabilities, so if you get a chance, give my post a vote!

The Carnival of Debt Reduction was hosted over at I’ve Paid Twice For This Already. (Great title, I love it!) My post “Voluntary Simplicity – Is It The Answer?” was chosen as an Editor’s Choice, thanks Paid Twice!

The Carnival of the Green was hosted over at Money and Values. My post “Getting a Green Mortgage and Using An Eco-Broker” was included.

The Festival of Frugality #98 was hosted over at Being Frugal. My post “Getting Organized Does Not Have To Cost A Lot Of Money” was chosen as a favorite!

Thanks to all the hosts this week, I know it takes a lot of work to put them together and they all look great!

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