Finance Magazine Encouraging People To Stock Up On Dangerous Toys.

In what I view as one of the most irresponsible things I have read in a long time in a personal finance magazine, this month’s Kiplinger’s magazine has an article encouraging parents to actually stock up on toys this year because next year they might be more expensive due to tougher safety regulations. Huh? So I should go out and stock up this year on potentially lethal toys to give to my kids next year instead of waiting for the tougher rules to take place? Just to save a few dollars? Glad you are aren’t my parent!

I don’t know about you, but this is an example of “frugality” gone horribly wrong. Heaven forbid the toys you wait to buy next year cost 10% more because “manufacturers and retailers pass on the costs of more-demanding safety checks in the wake of last summer’s massive recalls involving millions of toys, most made in China”. Since when is saving money more important that our kid’s safety?

That’s just stupid.

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  1. guinness416 says:

    That is hilarious in a very dark way …

  2. Bellen says:

    Haven’t read the article but wouldn’t it be wiser to give credit to those companies, American especially, who have consistently made safe toys?Not need to stock up.

  3. Mrs. Micah says:

    I’m going with Guiness—darkly amusing. But sick. I don’t even think people should stock up on toys to begin with (most kids have way more than they need or use). Stocking up on cheap and possibly dangerous ones—-eesh. This article was not written by a parent.

  4. shadox says:

    All toys will be effected by more stringent regulations and their price may increase, while only a small minority of toys sold today are unsafe.

    I am sure that the article is not advocating for stocking up on dangerous toys – only for buying today’s SAFE but less regulated toys.

    Our government tends to over react to threats. Even if a certain threat is real (e.g. terrorism, toy safety, drug certification), it doesn’t follow that one must do absolutely everything in his power to eliminate the threat. Sometimes the cure is worse and more costly than the desease.

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