Sunday Money Roundup – Jetting Out Of Town Edition.

On Tuesday, the wife and I are heading down to Mexico for the week. We are attending a wedding and taking a brief vacation at the same time. I have some of my own posts lined up along with some guest posts, so the site won’t go quiet while I am gone. If you comment or email me, you might not hear back from me because I don’t know when I will be near a computer!

Mighty Bargain Hunter tells everyone what bargains are not actually bargains.

brip blap has 67 ways to outlive 106 million people. Nice list!

Wise Bread lets us in on how to create the best asset allocation for your portfolio.

MoneyNing says to invest in index funds instead of stocks even if you can beat the market.

Silicon Valley Blogger talks about loans to handle with care. As always, a great article with lots of info.

No Credit Needed has a very personal and inspiring post up titled “My Dad Rocks – And He Inspired This Post – Or, Taking The Next Step“. Check it out.

And from the M-Network:

Paid Twice talks about Adapting to a More Consciously Frugal Lifestyle.

Being Frugal provides 50 Frugal Christmas Ideas.

Moolanomy has 10 reasons to have an emergency fund.

DebtFREE-Revolution makes it official – Less Than $10,000 of Debt Left!

Gather Little By Little discusses holiday charitable giving do’s and don’ts.

Single Guy Money almost slips back into a bad habit. Oh how I know that habit!

Dough Roller helps all of us with a simple approach to budgeting that anyone can follow.

Plonkee Money interviews a Dave Ramsey success story. Although I take exception with some of the things Ramsey preaches about, overall is advice is pretty solid.

See you next week!

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  1. Brip Blap says:

    Thanks for the mention, David! Enjoy Mexico!