M-Network Group Writing Project – All About Cars And Money.

Being a member of the M-Network has it’s perks – for instance, this week we are all writing about our thoughts about cars and money. You can check out the entire M-Network to see their posts on this subject, as when this post goes live, I will be in Mexico and won’t be able to promote them! On to my thoughts…

On Monday of this week, I wrote about the fact that I leased cars in order to “afford” something that I truly couldn’t afford. I grew out of that stage and turned to only buying cars. And now that I live in a community that is both walkable and has great public transportation, my wife and I sold one of our cars, leaving us with only one. Working at home, I don’t need a car to commute anywhere, and everything I need to get to during the day – bank, post office, library, restaurants – is right around the corner. So we got rid of a car, saving us at least $500 a month if count the payment, insurance, and gasoline.

In addition to the cost savings, you also really help out the environment by cutting back on car usage. Imagine the difference if even just 10% of the people got rid of a car – there would be 10% less traffic, 10% less time sitting still with your engine running, 10% less pollution and emissions. Add in the fact that people would be getting more exercise by walking and biking, and the positives are just getting started!

I fully encourage anyone out there who lives in a walkable/public transportation city to give it a shot. You don’t have to sell your car tomorrow, but rather just give it up for a few days to see what a difference it can make and how well you can get around without it. If you live in a community like mine, you might just be able to give it up entirely!

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  2. MoneyNing says:

    I would suggest trying it out for more than a few days since the beginning will feel very awkward. However, once you get used to it I bet you think it will be fine and that the savings will start making a difference!

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