Places You Can Still Stretch Your Dollar While Traveling Internationally.

With the decline of the U.S. dollar against virtually every major countries currency, you might be hesitant to take a trip to London anytime soon. After all, you will be paying about 2 dollars of your money for every dollar worth of goods/services over there and that can make for a very expensive trip. However, in Sunday’s LA Times there was an article in the travel section showcasing places where the U.S. dollar still has a lot of value against the local currency – if you care to visit some of the less popular tourist places on earth. So where did they tell us to go?

First up is Cambodia, where one U.S. dollar is currently worth 4,044.20 Riel. Regular meals will cost you about $2-$3 and fancier meals about $10. Upscale hotels will run you about $50 while decent enough rooms are about $10 a night.

Next is Albania, where the U.S. dollar is worth 83.149 Lek. Generally friendly to Americans (unlike a large portion of the world right now, let’s be honest), meals will run between $5 and $20 while hotel rooms will start around $20 a night.

Nicaragua comes next, where the U.S. dollar is worth 19.143 Cordoba Oro. Hotels on the budget side will run about $5 and meals range from $1 to $25. Supposedly the country is very peaceful now after decades of civil war and is an up-and-coming destination.

Care to visit Morocco? I used to be friends with a guy who was from Morocco and was always trying to get me to travel there, telling me how great it was. The dollar is currently worth 7.71 Dirhams and many meals can be had for less than $5. Arabic is the official language, but most everyone also speaks French. Cool historic hotels will run about $30 a night.

Seems Vietnam is a wonderful place to visit. With the U.S. dollar worth 16,333 Dong, a decent hotel will cost about $12 a night with both maid service and cable TV and meals costing about $3-$4. Not bad, really…

Lastly, how about Bolivia? The U.S. dollar is worth 7.714 Bolivianos there, which is an increase of 50% over the last 10 years. Single rooms with bathrooms run about $10 a night and luxury hotels about $100.

See, there are still places where Americans can afford to travel to! Back when I was working in the corporate world I traveled to Europe quite extensively and was blown away as my dollar was worth less and less compared to the Euro. A bottle of Coke cost how much? 3 Euros? Ouch. And a lot of the world is getting just as bad – but if you are willing to venture to less traveled places, there are deals to be had. So don’t be afraid of international travel costing you an arm and a leg – if you look around, you can find a cool inexpensive place to visit!

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  1. I am currently on corporate assignment in China and while many things are cheap, the prices for things are rising on a daily basis. Decent hotels are now costing close to what they would in the US (at least where I am).

  2. David says:

    What kind of prices are you seeing over there?

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