Customer Service At Its Best – Thanks SmugMug.

The other day I wrote about different ways I had wasted money in 2007 and how one of the ways was that I was charged for another year of photo storage by SmugMug.com…even though I had not used the account in 8 months or so. I had forgotten I even had the account – until I was charged for another year. It was my fault as I should have been paying more attention to my open accounts, and I was resigned to the fact that I had to pay the $29.95 for another year even though I don’t use them anymore.

But then came a comment by Andy Williams from SmugMug, left on that post I mentioned above. He wanted to refund my money, even though the terms of service automatically renew each year. So I wrote to the email address he mentioned, and sure enough he emailed me back and told me a check was in the mail for the $29.95.

Andy did not have to do that – he did not have to leave a comment or promise me a refund at all. But that is what sets a company like SmugMug apart from other companies; they realized that just by giving someone back their money it would go a long way towards good will, which it has. If only more companies were aware of their actions when dealing with new customers, existing customers or previous customers…it would make a world of difference in helping us consumers choose which companies to do business with. So thank you SmugMug!

Another fellow personal finance blogger who has had a good customer service experience lately is FiveCentNickel, who had a great experience with his local burger joint. Other companies, read this post as well – this is how we like to be treated!

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  1. Isn’t it nice when something like this happens? If only more companies put their customers in a higher priority. Cheers to SmugMug.

  2. Clare says:

    I had a similar experience with Tom’s of Maine. (And yes, I realize that their products aren’t cheap, but it’s one of my indulgences.) But when I encountered issues with one of the fragrances, Tom’s stood by their refund policy and sent me a check (including tax) with a generous sample of soap.

    But unfortunately, they misspelled my name on the check. I called after hours and left a voicemail, half expecting a non-response. The next morning I received a voicemail from them apologizing for the mistake and an assurance that a new check was in the mail. It arrived a few days later.

    They were friendly and polite throughout the process and apologized when the mistake arose. I miss customer service like this!

  3. david says:

    That’s pretty cool Clare – I miss service like this too, I hope companies one day start to realize how important it is!

  4. guinness416 says:

    Definitely a nice job by Smugmug, always good to have someone else to file the in the “good guys” department. Now what will you blow the big thirty buck windfall on?

  5. david says:

    Maybe a subscription to Smugmug? 😉

  6. Lazy Man says:

    And now that I read this, I will consider doing business with them in the future. I’m sure others think the same thing. Sure they didn’t have to give you $30 back, but because they did, they likely bought themselves some new business. They’ll probably find that the $30 was very well spent.

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