Knight Rider Returning To TV; Suddenly I Am Very Old.

In something not related to personal finance blogging at all, I just read this article on the new Knight Rider TV show returning to NBC next year…same name, different car and cast. (thankfully) Here is the new KITT car:


I am feeling ancient right about now, as this used to be one of my favorite shows – and if enough time has gone by to start the remakes, I am in big trouble. This should be, um, interesting.

A Mustang? Come on now…

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  1. Reminds me of the Kitt replica that sold for a massive amount on ebay recently 😮

  2. Why not? Dukes of Hazard and Transformers were movies. Bionic Woman and Battlestar Galactica are new shows. GI Joe is gonna be a movie. Hey, is there anything new out? All the folk from our generation are now running TV and Movie studios. That’s why video games are so popular for adults now too!

  3. Hazzard says:

    I can’t say I was anxiously anticipating the return of Knight Rider. No matter what they do with the new show, I think I’ll have trouble ever getting past David Hasselhof being the guy.

    I watched it back then too, but I guess I’m just older now and the idea of a car saving the day just doesn’t sit well with me…. 🙂

  4. david says:

    Just because the existed before does not mean they need to come back! Some things worked better in the past – like Knight Rider. A car that saves the day, as Hazzard says? Um, I will pass. 😉

  5. “Just because the existed before does not mean they need to come back!”

    Lol I really do have to agree with you here! This can be said for so many failed reincarnated shows as well 🙂