Money Mistake Monday – Christmas Credit Card Pile On Edition.

photo from stock.xchng

In today’s installment I am going to talk about….ah forget it, it’s Christmas Eve! The only money mistake people are thinking about now is waking up on Wednesday to find themselves buried in debt. The key is how you deal with it! I was in Target the other night and I saw people with multiple carts full of toys, games, gadgets, clothes – hundreds upon hundreds of dollars worth of gifts. And to be honest, I highly doubt that all of them have the money to pay for all these things in full – thus the Christmas Credit Card Pile On.

So after the holidays have calmed down and you get yourself ready for that first credit card bill to show up, I refer you to my “The Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge” series of posts to guide you back to reality. Be sure to start with Step 1 and work your way through all five of the steps, and you will find yourself out of that Christmas hole you dug yourself in to!

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