My Grandmother Bought Me An iPhone For Christmas.


So Christmas has come and gone and I am just now getting around to writing about the gift that my grandmother got me – an iPhone. OK, so she did not go to the Apple store and pick one up, but rather she sent me the money to buy one. When the iPhone first came out, I wrote about how buying one could end up costing a lot more than just the price of the phone itself, and I still believe that today. If you have to break a contract with another carrier in order to switch to AT&T, you could be spending upwards of $150 just for that pleasure. Add that to the iPhone cost of $399, and you are out $550 before you even get your first bill. However, we are done with our Sprint agreement and have been for quite some time, so walking away will not cost us anything at all. The service barely works in our neighborhood, it does not work at all in our house now, and my wife has her calls drop out every day when driving home from work. It was time for a change, even though we had a great deal on service.

So, back to the iPhone. I have to say that this is one very cool device, especially now that Apple updated the software to include a sort of “psuedo-GPS” in Google maps – it draws a circle around your approximate location, and you can ask for directions from that place to anywhere else, just like a GPS unit. It’s pretty nice to have. We picked up a Razr for my wife (Cost = $0.00) which she likes, even if it is a few years old already. The service has been a lot better than what we had with Sprint, although it does cost us more every month because we signed up for a new account. The price we pay…

The bonus to all of this is that I can sell my Treo 650 on Ebay or Craiglist, and that should net me a little bit of cash. We are going to donate my wife’s old Sprint phone to a woman’s shelter here in California, where they program the phones to dial 911 in case of emergency. And although I did like my Treo, the iPhone blows it out of the water in terms of design, usability, and speed. Overall I have to say that my grandmother did well for me this Christmas!

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  1. Those things are pretty cool, especially the photo viewer. Wow, all I got from my Grandmother was a card and a $2 bill!!

  2. I guess the iPhone is faster than the Treo 650, but I don’t think it can compete with the Treo 700P, which was out probably close to two years before the iPhone.

    I can also type so much faster on a Treo than I’ve seen anyone do on an iPhone.

  3. david says:

    After owning all the Treo’s up til the 650, I can say the iPhone is way better than any of them. I don’t know about the 700, never used it, but my typing, while slow at first, is now better on the iPhone than it was on the 650.