International Markets Closing Due To Huge Losses.

OK not closing exactly, but it sounded cool 🙂 – several international markets have suspended trading due to dropping indexes:

India’s benchmark Sensex crashed by 11.53 per cent on Tuesday morning which resulted in the Indian stock market being closed for an hour, a news report said. The 30-share Sensex tumbled by 2,029 points to 15,576.35 soon after it opened on Tuesday morning, leading to suspension of trading on the bourse for an hour, the PTI news agency reported. According to trading norms, if the stock market witnesses a gain or loss of more than 10 per cent, trading has to be suspended for an hour. The crash came after the Sensex suffered a massive loss of 1,400 points or 7.41 per cent, tracking global fears of a recession on Monday.


Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index fell 8 per cent in early afternoon trading Tuesday, as Seoul and Mumbai suspended trading as fears gripped investors that the deteriorating US economy would hurt Asia’s economies as well. Trading was halted in Indian and South Korean markets Tuesday as shares plunged on opening.

Hold on for Tuesday morning in America!

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