It Looks Like I Do Not Have Cancer Or Leukemia.

I wrote a little while ago about why I was so glad I had health insurance because I was undergoing all sorts of tests for what looked like cancer or leukemia. But now that I have the CT scans and all the blood tests back, my doctor has informed me that all is well on my insides – no sign of cancer, lymphomas or anything like that. Whoo hoo! Instead, my doctor thinks I have some sort of idiopathic (unknown) condition that causes my platelet levels to fluctuate wildly. My spleen, while still slightly enlarged, has come down from it’s biggest size during my ultrasound in December, so that is a good sign. I have another blood test scheduled for next month just to see what my levels are at, but all other blood results are normal and I should be fine, even if my platelet levels stay somewhat depressed.

It looks like we can move away from Los Angeles after all…I was waiting to see what was going to happen with this, because I did not want to move to a small town and undergo medical treatment. But now that I probably don’t need it, I guess we can start planning.

Anyway, I wanted to write this after I got so many comments and emails wishing me luck. I sincerely appreciate all of your concern and hopefully I will be around for a while now! 🙂

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  1. Dreamy1 says:

    That’s so good to hear! Being a cancer survivor myself, I know what that painful waiting period is like. I am so glad that things turned out “ok” for you.

  2. That is great news! Thanks for letting us know!

    You must be very relieved!

  3. That’s great news!
    I bet you feel as if you’ve gotten a fresh start on life (“spend” it wisely) 🙂

  4. Mrs. Micah says:

    So glad to hear that, David! I hope it’s something easy to keep stable…

  5. LJ says:

    That is great news to hear!

  6. Steve says:

    Great news, glad to hear it! Best of luck in the future!

  7. chitown says:

    Wonderful news!!! Well wishes for a bright future!!!

  8. Clare says:

    Great news, David! Cheers:)

  9. Great News! So glad things are looking up.

  10. Patti says:

    So happy and relieved you – that’s great news! Thanks for a great blog.

  11. Four Pillars says:

    Really glad to hear the good news!


    p.s. I’m still contemplating changing my name to David…

  12. Patrick says:

    Very happy to hear this wonderful news! 🙂

  13. Whew! What a relief that must be! Congratulations, and good luck with your moving plans!

  14. david says:

    Thanks guys, I am so relieved and am blessed to have so many readers who cared enough to write emails and comments about this. I sincerely appreciate it!

  15. Rick says:

    God Bless!

  16. everysec says:

    Congrats on getting the all clear! Always better to go get things checked out rather than leave them too long and hope they’ll go away.

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