What Are The Inflation Rates Of Other Countries Worldwide?

With all that is going on with the U.S. economy lately, I got curious about inflation rates around the world. As of December 2007, the rate in the U.S. was 4.08%, which is not too high, considering what other countries have for rates. Here are the 10 countries with the highest inflation rates from 2007:

1. Zimbabwe – 1,033.5%
2. Iraq – 53.2%
3. Guinea – 30.0%
4. San Tome and Principe – 23.1%
5. Yemen – 20.8%
6. Burma – 20.0%
7. Uzbekistan – 19.8%
8. Congo, Democratic Republic of the –
9. Afghanistan – 16.3%
10. Serbia – 15.5%

And the 10 countries with the lowest inflation during 2007:

1. Nauru – ““3.6%
2. Vanuatu – ““1.6
3. San Marino – ““1.5
4. Barbados – ““0.5
5. Seychelles – -0.4
6. Dominica – ““0.1
7. Japan – 0.2
8. Niger – 0.2
9. Kiribati – 0.5
10. Antigua and Barbuda – 0.6

Now what does this post have to do with anything? Nothing, really…just was interested so went and looked it up. And shared it with you!

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  1. everysec says:

    Inflation is consistently around 5% here in Ireland – our problem is that our interest rates are set by the ECB who base their decisions on the rate of inflation for the Eurozone as a whole which up until recently was just over 2%. This means we’re fast losing competitiveness in comparison with our European partners and our government is failing spectacularly to address this problem.

  2. david says:

    Gotta love the government, no? 😉

  3. That 4.08% is likely a government supplied number, which are historically known to be way off. And regardless of that, 4.08% IS high – it compounds! And it’ll only continue to get worse until we eliminate the illegal feral reserve. And one way to do that and return to sound, inflation-proof currency is….. you guessed it, RP.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to see what the US historical rates have been as well.

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  6. MrsMoney says:

    WOW to Zimbabwe!! That is amazing. I always feel like my raise never covers the cost of inflation. I think I am right!

  7. I’ve been following the situation in Zimbabwe for quite some time now, and it is a huge mess, and that’s putting it lightly. The place is run by a guy who knows absolutely nothing about economics, and everything he does to “try” to curb the rampant inflation are things that anybody with any economic education knows will only make it worse – and it has. As long as he’s still in power, their inflation is going to continue to be a runaway train down an endless mountain, picking up momentum to boot. Every time he touches anything to do with the economy, everything gets 100 times worse.

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  9. Llama Money says:

    4.1% is high, sure. But it looks pretty darn good next to Zimbabwe, doesn’t it?

  10. Ricardo says:

    You forgot Venezuela, with a 22,5% inflation rate in 2007.

  11. Peri says:

    Does anyone know the inflation rate in Egypt year 2008?