Need To Send A Fax But Don’t Have A Fax Machine? Send Faxes For Free Online.

Back when I was just starting my blogs, I had the occasional need to send a fax to someone about a contract or whatever. At the time I just signed up for trials of every fax company on the internet and then quickly canceled the accounts before I was charged. Now I pay a monthly fee to be able to send and receive faxes anytime because I have to send signatures out sometimes, but for people who just need to send a small fax out once in a while and don’t have a need to receive them, why pay for a service? Check out FaxZero.com where you can send a few pages for nothing. They are ad sponsored on the cover page, but if you only have to send something once, who cares!

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  1. Cameron F. says:

    “Notice there is no link to them as I did not want anyone to think they paid me to write this.”

    That’s silly. A web advertisement must necessarily link through or it isn’t an advertisement?

  2. David says:

    I never accept money for posts, Cameron, but thanks for having faith. Obviously you are not a regular reader who knows I never take money to write a post. Would you rather I not let readers know about free things I find on the internet?

  3. Cameron F. says:

    @ David:

    You misunderstand me. I’m not accusing you of being paid to write the above post. What I was poking fun at was that you could “prove” it by not providing a link. My point was that it didn’t prove anything and that it was silly to try. (Personally, I find it helpful when people provide a link when they’re reviewing a site.)

    And incidentally, I am in fact a regular reader–been reading my two dollars consistently for around six months now. I enjoy your blog, even if I feel a little slighted by the “obviously you’re not a regular reader” line.

  4. David says:


    Normally when someone comments negatively about something so innocuous as this, they are spammers looking to cause trouble, so I apologize if I offended you – it’s just been my experience in running these sites for a few years. I was avoiding linking because I did not want to give the impression that they paid me to write it…but since you are a regular and did not assume so, I guess I should not assume people think that. Again, my apologies and I will go add a link and remove the “prove” line. 🙂

  5. Cameron F. says:

    Man, now I feel guilty! I didn’t mean to give you a hard time. Keep up the good work, David. 🙂

  6. david says:

    Nah, don’t feel guilty – I am just jumpy with thousands of spams every week I have to weed out. Glad to have you as a reader and you basically let me know that readers don’t assume that links are ads, and that is a good thing! Thanks again!

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