Ultimate Frugality – Making A Wallet Out Of Duct Tape.


I think I am going to give this a try this weekend just to say I did it. I already have a perfectly fine wallet made out of hemp, but a wallet made out of duct tape would surely be a conversation starter, no? Maybe it would not work to well for you if you carry 10 pounds of stuff in your wallet like my dad used to, but if you are anything like me (I only carry a few bills, 2 credit cards, and my license), a duct tape wallet might work perfectly well. Check out the Duct Tape Guys’ for instructions on making the wallet, along with a few other projects you can make using only duct tape!

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  1. ~Dawn says:

    You must post a picture if you do this…
    I am not very creative so I just buy leather wallets and keep them for years and years and yea….

  2. Cynthia says:

    My husband received one of these as a Christmas gift a few years back. We all thought it was hilarious and couldn’t figure out how they made it. He has yet to actually use it….

  3. david says:

    Dawn, I will for sure if I can actually do it!

    Cynthia – I am not so sure I would use it either, except maybe for the novelty factor!

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  6. Anne says:

    It’s interesting that people consider this a novelty item. I have a duct tape wallet (in red, burgundy, and white if you were wondering) from these guys: http://www.ductbills.com/ and I’ve been using it for years. Most people don’t even notice it’s duct tape–it’s really well made and has held up great!

  7. david says:

    The novelty is being frugal and making it yourself, not buying it.

  8. Anne says:

    In my case I chose to support a local artist.

  9. david says:

    and thats great too!