Take Care Of What You Own To Save Yourself Money.

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By taking care of what you own you can save yourself a ton of money. Too many people don’t maintain their belongings, which can lead to spending their hard-earned money buying the same item several times over. Stopped changing the oil in your car? You could be taking years off of it’s life – and it’s one of your biggest purchases in life after a house! You wouldn’t stop taking care of yourself (well, I hope not at least – you only get one body and you cannot buy a new one), so why not take care of those things which you buy? Here are a few things you can do to make your “stuff” last longer:

Car – Change the oil and get some regularly scheduled maintenance. If your car doesn’t feel right, take it in and fix it before whatever the problem is gets worse!

Refrigerator – Clean the insides to keep the gunk from working it’s way onto the fans, and be sure to clean the coils once in a while on the bottom or the back.

Television – Turn it off! When you are not sitting right in front of it, turn it off. Leaving it on while you go about doing other things just shortens it’s life. Also, plug it into a power strip so you can even turn off the “standby ” power as well while you sleep or go to work.

Cellphone or iPod – Read the manufacturer’s tips on keeping the battery working effectively. Sometimes they will tell you to run it out to noting once in a while, and other companies will tell you to charge it as often as possible. Learn what is best for yours!

Your home – Got a leak? Fix it asap. It’s not just the attic that may suffer from a leak in the roof, but rather all the wood that makes up the roof, the rafters, your ceiling, your walls, etc. A small hole can lead to many thousands of dollars in damages if left alone. Fix the little things before they become big (and more expensive) things.

Computer – Turn it off at night and when you will be away from it for an extended period of time – don’t make it work any harder than it has to.

Bicycle – Oil up the chain, adjust the brakes, inflate the tires. Spending a little time helping it run smoothly will keep it out of the shop down the road.

Coffee Maker – Clean it! Honestly, if you have not cleaned and de-scaled your coffee maker in a while, chances are that your coffee tastes really bad…and you might not even know it by now! Bad coffee can make you think you need a new machine, so save your money and just clean it out.

There are a ton of things in your life that you have spent your money on – do yourself a favor (and the environment, as well) by maintaining what you own and save yourself some dough. For instance, if your TV still works, you don’t need to spend money on a new one and you can instead put it away from something like a nice vacation!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Cleaning the coffee maker is a good one. I have one in my office and last summer I had noticed that it was taking a really long time to brew a pot. We’re talking over a half hour to forty minutes. It never occurred to me before then, but it was clearly clogged with calcium and other deposits.

    I took it home and ran a few vinegar and water mixtures through the cycle and the amount of crud that came out was amazing. Flushed it with another few brews of plain water and it was back to brewing a full pot in under 15 minutes. And of course, the coffee tasted a hundred times better.

  2. david says:

    It does make all the difference!

  3. Matt says:

    Good post and oh so very true. Being proactive and taking care of your possessions will mean that you have to replace them less frequently. Even something as simple as washing your darks with your darks in cold water can keep those black shirts from fading.

    I wonder where this trend of letting our possessions go to waste came from? I know as a child I took care of my toys yet I find I’m not as careful with my toys now (my electronics and such). I wonder if it’s a societal trend to not care about your possessions because they’ll be obsolete before they break anyways.

    Just some food for thought.

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  5. david says:

    I think a big part of it is planned by companies to introduce newer and better things every 6 months or 1 year – and we as Americans tend to want, consume, buy ANYTHING as long as it is new and/or better, so we can have better “stuff” than our neighbor.

    It’s kind of sad, really…

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