Please Take 20 Minutes To Watch ‘The Story Of Stuff’.

Now THIS is what I am talking about. I am a big advocate of clearing out the clutter, buying only what you need, and using what you have until it is completely unusable. The reason I am like this? Because only 1% of everything we consume is still in use 6 months down the road. Yes, you read that right – 1%. And that other 99% either ends up in our bodies, the landfill, or a recycling bin…but mostly the landfill, where it is incinerated into a nice toxic gas. Sounds fun, no? Anyway, I just finished watching “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, and if you have concerns about how much “stuff” we Americans have, you should check it out too. It is fantastic and only 20 minutes long. Here is a preview:

(YouTube video removed because, well, it was killing my site!)

To see the whole movie, go check out The Story Of Stuff website.

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  1. Wow! 1%? That’s terrible! I’m definitely an anomaly! That being said, I’m on a serious declutter mission this year. I’m sick of all the stuff.

    I’ve bookmarked the Story of Stuff website, so I can watch when I have the time.

  2. david says:

    You will love it Lynnae…and hate it. 🙂

  3. You called that one right. LOL

    Seriously, I didn’t agree with a lot of it (which is no surprise to you, I’m sure). But when she got to the Golden Arrow of Consumption, I was 100% on board!

    I also think something needs to be done about how much we consume and waste, though I think there’s more to it than the solutions she offered.

    However, anything is better than what’s going on now. We spend to much, we waste too much, and we depend on stuff for too much…happiness, status, sense of purpose. There’s no way that can work forever.

  4. david says:

    We each have our own view on how things work, but yea, in the end, we cannot keep this up this way forever, that’s for sure!

  5. Mrs. Micah says:

    Well, I don’t know about the percentage that is food, but that’s pretty scary.

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  7. Clare says:

    I’ll have to watch later–it will take longer than 20 minutes on this terrible connection speed– but I don’t doubt its premise. I feel like I spend more of my life managing the clutter I’ve accumulated instead of actually LIVING. Recent efforts to eliminate said detritus are paying off, but it’s a slow, slow process.

    The environmental side to it is also a big push for me. I get the impression that more folks are recycling now, which is great, but we’re also neglecting the other two R’s: Reduce (our consumption) and Re-use (what we own). Pop culture encourages the consumption of hybrid cars and environmentally friendly product X, Y and Z (all very good, I’m not knocking the above) but it puzzles me that the overall message about “doing our part” for the environment is limited to recycling, buying hybrid vehicles and eating organic food. No, we can do more than that, but reducing and re-using don’t get much lipservice because they don’t benefit the retailers’ wallets. I only hope that common sense will prevail and these ideas become more popular.

    I think this says it all: when I told an environmentally-conscious friend (who once yelled at me for using the wrong recyling bin ;)about my de-cluttering/simplification projects, she fell silent for a moment before asking, “Any reason why?”

  8. David says:

    I agree Claire – all the hybrids and organics in the world are not going to “save” anything, but they certainly can’t hurt if you are in need of eating and/or transportation. You are definitely right though in that we should all be promoting “use less” rather than “buy green”, as using less will benefit us more in the long term. Buying green should be done when it is necessary to buy something, not as an excuse to buy something. Thanks for the comments!

  9. I just posted about this same video on Saturday. I think it’s very powerful and worthy of some attention. Everyone should dedicate a post to the story of stuff…I try.

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  11. Antishay says:

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