We Bought A New Car To Prepare For Our Move.


In preparation of our move to the mountains, we went ahead and bought a brand new car last night – a Subaru Forester. We wanted something that gets decent gas mileage, has AWD, and scored incredibly well in safety tests and this car matched all three requirements. Add to that fact that we paid $600 under invoice price and there was a $2,000 rebate on top of that price, we walked away with a brand new 2008 Forester for $19,000 even. We had been looking at the Subaru’s for a while now and while we were initially looking at the Outback, once we drove the two cars we preferred the Forester much more. The process was OK because I did my homework before and arranged the pricing before even stepping foot in the dealership, and we were prepared to walk away if they screwed with the agreed-upon price at all. But it worked out OK and now it is parked out back. Our beloved Mini has been listed for sale and hopefully we will sell it within a few months – but if we don’t, it will just come with us.

I will be talking more about our move and our preparations in the coming weeks, but in the mean time I will be enjoying our new car. I have not had access to a car during the day for almost a year now so this will be interesting…do I grab the keys and run my errands very quickly or do I continue to walk to do everything I need to do?

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  1. Jesse says:

    Definitely a nice lookin car….Ive been considering getting something like that myself. To say my Z is impractical is a fairly big understatement….especially here in colorado.

  2. david says:

    I would say not…and that is why we bought an AWD car, for the snow and mud in New Mexico!

  3. Four Pillars says:

    Nice car! Good luck with the move.


  4. car specials says:

    Nice deal you had there with your brand new car. You’re a smart buyer, doing research before the purchase. You don’t believe how many people go to car dealers blindly. Good luck with your move. 🙂


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