Frugal Living Can Equal Green Living.

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Frugality is a way of life for myself and millions of people out there;we strive to save money in every way. Not necessarily because we are cheap, but rather because we don’t want to see anything go to waste. Food, clothing, energy, money-we can’t bear to waste these valuable resources. The same goes for those living green. In fact, they go hand in hand. A green lifestyle is a frugal lifestyle and vice versa. Saving money and saving our planet at the same time isn’t nearly as difficult as it sometimes seems.

By cutting back on the amount of energy you waste you will inevitably save a ton of money on your bills. You’re also saving the planet. For each gallon of water you save or hour of electricity you avoid; you are helping the Earth in more ways than you may know.

Things you can do:

Switch to CFL bulbs

Wash all your laundry and dishes in cold water

Line dry at least a few loads of laundry a week- Dry them in the sunshine and you can skip the chemical filled bleach

Wasting food is not only costing money, it is filling landfills up with something that so many people actually need.

Things you can do:

Take leftovers to work instead of tossing them out.

Start composting food scraps-perfect for a small garden

Avoid dining out-it costs you money and typically the portions are enormous. Those enormous portions usually translate to wasted food and wasted money. If you do go out-share a meal with a friend.

Aside from buying a hybrid, there seems to be little we can do about fuel costs and our dependence on fossil fuels. The amount of pollution generated from vehicles could be drastically reduced if everyone took just one day off from driving a week. Not to mention the savings on fuel costs.At $3.00 a gallon and 15 miles per gallon, one day off of driving for me saves around $15.00

Things you can do:

Maintain your vehicle-the better maintained it is, the better the gas mileage you will get.

Use public transportation or walk/ride/skate whenever possible.

Combine errands to drive less- I personally try to cram as much as I can into a one day outing each week.

The amount of energy needed to produce clothing, the ridiculously high costs and the sometimes low quality all lead me to one conclusion: Buy Used

These are two things that cost a lot of money and cost even more in the long run. Plastics and paper products usually end up in landfills where they cannot be recycled, so this ends up costing you and I and the Earth more in the long run. More trees are cut down, more energy wasted, more landfills overflowing.

Things you can do:

Stop buying paper plates-use Grandma’s china, it will make dinner more fun.

Use Cloth Napkins-the cost to launder is so tiny and you can find these for very cheap at most stores.

Buy reusable containers for leftovers-avoid the plastic baggies and saran wrap

Take your own bag to the grocery store-you can pick these up for cheap or free at most farmers markets or stores like Trader Joe’s

Living a frugally minded life can in fact save the planet and living a green life can save you money. Now, if I only I could convince everyone else…

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  1. […] david once again delivers unbelievable content. Frugal Living Can Equal Green Living. is a great read and is truly remarkable. Below is a brief overview of what was released: […]

  2. Bravo! I absolutely agree that frugality and green living can go hand in hand; one of the things I’m trying to make things greener is growing my own produce. This is a project I’m just researching now, but I hope to have success!

  3. Uncle B says:

    Use a comforter on the bed at night and turn down the heat.
    Don’t use a car where possible.
    Grow a garden, no matter how small! Turn your south lawn into a potato farm.
    Look at every conventional habitual thing you do and look for waste and cut it. I always used a full cup fo laundry soap every wash, until I tried half cups and even third cups an found they worked the same. Oil in a frying pan works the same.
    Make all the changes you can comfortably make, and make them lifetime changes. You will have resources left over to start new enjoyable things, and try to look at eco-friendly, frugal things to do.

  4. david says:

    Good ones Uncle B!