Wells Fargo To Offer Virtual Records Storage.

Don’t feel safe storing your important documents inside your GMail account or your external hard drive? Wells Fargo Bank might have a solution for you – a virtual safe-deposit box for storing all your digital files online that is accessible from anywhere and is just as safe as your online banking sessions are.

From the LA Times:

Called “V-Safe”, the service can store digital versions of birth certificates, wills, driver’s licenses, passports, family photos and other important documents…Customers will be able to retrieve the documents from any computing device with an internet connection – an advantage for frequent travelers.

They say it will be $180 per year for the most amount of storage space, which breaks down to $15 a month. I think it sounds like a pretty good idea, as it is just basically an online safe-deposit box and ultimately a smart way of storing documents. The question remains though – will they do a better job of providing security and ensuring access as many other online storage companies do for less money?

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  1. I’m glad someone other than google will be storing digital files. I wonder if people will think the price tag is too expensive though. I like the idea but probably would not sign up right away. One concern is that if there was a security breach would Wells be forthcoming with their clients about that?

  2. david says:

    It seems a little steep for me, but as more people come into the secure storage game, I imagine the price will come down.

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  4. Rodney A. Oates says:

    How do I research a lost safe deposit box of my desist brother? The Bank is Wells Fargo of northern California.