Meet The M-Network Friends: An Interview With PT From Prime Time Money.


Now that I have wrapped up all the interviews with all the M-Network members other than myself, I decided to expand the series a little and include all the friends of the M-Network who participate in our group projects and forums. Up this week is PT from Prime Time Money. Thanks for participating PT!

So PT, when did you start Prime Time Money and why?

I go by PT, which are my actual initials and short for a nickname I’ve had since high school: Prime Time. No, I’m not Deion Sanders, but that’s where the name came from. Thus, the name of my blog: Prime Time Money. I started the blog back in April 2007 on blogspot. I had a couple of fun months and then faded in and out the rest of 2007 due to job and new home distractions. I semi-relaunched the site with the URL: ptmoney.com (via WordPress) on 1/1/08. It’s been nothing but hard work and fun since.

I started Prime Time Money for many reasons but mainly out of a passion for personal finance. I love talking/thinking/reading about all things personal finance. It’s just one of those topics I can’t seem to get enough of. The next logical step, of course, is to WRITE about it. The blog is also a big motivator for me to get out of debt, live a more frugal life, and reach my financial goals. As a bonus, I get to learn a lot about blogging and the web.

How much time do you spend each week on your site?

I’d estimate I spend between 25 and 30 hours a week on Prime Time Money. Only about 15 of that is actual writing though. I’m a slow writer and researcher and I’m a bit OCD about my blog’s look and the presentation of the posts. I suspect that I will begin to trim this total time down a bit once I get all the behind the scenes kinks worked out. Do you ever get them worked out? 🙂

For other people contemplating starting their own personal finance sites, what are a few tips you could offer them?

I’d say just dive right in. If you have a passion for finance, blogging about it can be fun and rewarding. Next, focus on getting to know other bloggers (comment on their site, subscribe, participate in there activities, etc.). No blog is an island. After all, other bloggers are probably why you’re considering blogging in the first place.

I’m far from a pro, but if you want to get serious about blogging: 1. move to wordpress under your own domain. 2. focus on the content and the attractiveness of your site. 3. get social (StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.). 4. learn some SEO and revenue generating techniques, but not at the expense of #2.

What are the most essential habits that you’ve formed to achieve your financial goals?

1. Tracking my expenses on a regular basis.
2. Automating savings and bill payment.
3. Getting passionate about frugality.

What achievement are you most proud of in the last 12 months?

Without a doubt it would be saving for and putting 20% down on our first home purchase. I’m really proud of Mrs. PT and I for doing that in a time when it was really easy not to.

What would you consider the single most important thing people can do for their finances?

I’m a big proponent of making savings, both short and long-term automatic.

If you had to pick three of your own posts to call your “favorites”, which would they be?

I’d have to say:
#1 – 10 Things That Bring Success in Personal Finance – #7 Automatic Savings and Bill Payment or anything from my “10 Things” Series.
#2 – Earn an Extra Few Hundred This Year by Saving for and Paying Your Own Property Taxes
#3 – Start an Emergency Fund – Prime Time Money Basics

Thanks PT! And be sure to look for the next interview next week!

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  1. Great interview. Thanks! I really liked the advice for beginning bloggers, since I’m one of those!

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  3. PT says:

    Thanks for sharing my story with the world, David.

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