Money Quote Friday – Ten Dollar Haircut Edition.

Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.

– Sam Ewing

I solved that problem by buying myself a professional electric razor…an $80 investment paid for itself after only 5.333 haircuts! Have a fantastic weekend everyone…

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  1. Clever Dude says:

    Why did you go with such an expensive razor? Which one is it? I’ve been using the one I got at Walmart 8 years ago that cost me $16. It paid for itself in 1 use. I’d like to get a nicer one, but I can’t see spending $80, especially now that I just buzz my hair down with the #1 blade.

  2. david says:

    Because I don’t like the way the cheap ones buzz and rattle and vibrate. The professional ones are dead quiet and they don’t make my hand go numb – plus they cut my hair quicker!

  3. My razor is a $10 razor but it was free. It does a good enough job for the price. I can’t justify paying a barber $10 to run a clipper over my head a few times. We’re lucky we aren’t women who have to spend $80 on a haircut.

  4. Clever Dude says:

    David, I understand the justification because our cheap ones do vibrate and make quite a bit of noise. However, $80 still seems pretty steep. Was there something closer to $40-50 that was still quiet and smooth?

  5. david says:

    It does seem steep – but at $15 plus tip for a haircut, it paid for itself in 5 uses. That being said, there really isn’t anything between the cheap ones and the pro ones that are any different than the vibrating cheap ones. Even the $50 ones buzzed like crazy…and my $80 is so quiet I could use it in the middle of the night and no one would hear it. It’s great.

  6. Hair cuts now cost me $15 for a simple buzz. I really can not justify going to get my hair cut anymore when I can buy clippers for less than the price to get it done.