New Study Of Earthquake Probability Will Raise Insurance Rates. Who Funded The Study?

A new study about the chances of an earthquake happening here was commissioned by the California Earthquake Authority, a public agency funded by private companies. But guess what the CEA does? They set insurance rates for all of us. Guess who funds the CEA? Insurance companies. See the problem here?

This study has determined that there is an almost 100% chance that there will be a major earthquake in California in the next 30 years. Gee, ya think? I could have given you that information without a study or spending any money. It doesn’t take a specialized study to determine that we will be hit by a big one some time in the future, guys. But then again, without this study to remind everyone, they couldn’t raise our earthquake insurance rates which have been dropping steadily over the years. Lucky them – they got to fund their own study to have a reason to raise our rates, using information we already all know to be true even without the study. How…convenient.

This irks me so much…thankfully I am leaving the state very soon.

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