Book Giveaway: ‘It’s Not About The Money’ By Brent Kessel.

This month’s book giveaway is for a copy of It’s Not About The Money by Brent Kessel. Subtitled with “Unlock Your Money Type To Achieve Spiritual And Financial Abundance” you know that this is no ordinary personal finance book that boringly tells you about saving your pennies and investing for the future. Rather, this book involves your whole being in building financial plans, taking into account your personality and emotional relationship with money to create a plan that works for you. Not all of us can follow the general advice that is given to most people, and that is probably why Mr. Kessel has had so much success with his wealth-management businesses! You know what I dig about him? He studies yoga and Eastern philosophy – how many money guys do that? I am sure it helps him create time to think about what he is doing!

One of my favorite sections of this book was the one when he was talking about “The Wanting Mind” – and we all know what that feels like! The need for new experiences and products, etc. in order to make us “happy” causes a lot of stress in our lives – and can make us incredibly unhappy even if everything seems great to an outside observer. I believe everyone struggles with this quite often in their lives, and reading this section of the book helped me understand it a little better. I find myself saying “I will do that when I…” (get older, buy a house, have a kid, etc) and I need to work on that behavior. It’s not healthy!

There is a lot of info in this book – it is not a sit-down-and-read-it-today type of read. But if you are looking to dig deeper within yourself to discover your “financial type” in order to get ahead, it makes an excellent read and I highly recommend it. Lucky for you, I am giving away a copy! Here is what you need to do to enter for a chance to win it:

Everyone who is subscribed by RSS feed or Email subscription will see a secret code inside the feed or email during this week that you need to email me to enter. The contest ends Sunday evening May 18th at 11:59PM PST, and I will announce the randomly chosen winner sometime on Monday the 19th. Good luck, and remember I give away a book every month so be sure to subscribe and look out for those secret codes!

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  1. Mrs. Micah says:

    Awesome! Definitely entering for this one. 🙂