See How Much Money Your Congressional Representative Is Worth.

Think they don’t have it better in Congress? Although I could not stand working with most of them, what I wouldn’t give for their healthcare and financial opportunities. From the Sunlight Foundation comes “Fortune 535“, which lets citizens see how much, or how little, lawmakers’ wealth has grown in the past 11 years””the period of time from which lawmakers’ personal financial data is available

The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 requires members of Congress to disclose information on their personal finances, including their assets, sources of income, transactions and debts. (However, lawmakers are not required to report everything they own, including the value of their personal residences, nor their related mortgages.) They report the value of their and their spouses’ assets, the amount of income”“both earned and unearned”“and the extent of indebtedness in broad ranges, making the forms a very inaccurate tool for measuring wealth. For example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reported in 2007 that she and her husband have a net worth somewhere between $86 million and negative $9 million. Whether the Speaker of the House is extremely wealthy or on the verge of declaring bankruptcy (or somewhere in between) cannot be determined from her financial disclosure form. Nevertheless, Sunlight has calculated the average net worth for each member of Congress in 1995 (or their first year in Congress, for those individuals elected after 1995) and charted that number alongside the average net worth calculated by the Center for Responsive Politics for 2006.

Take a look for yourself. Some of the numbers, are, astounding. “Fortune 535“

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  1. […] this I love. From My Two Dollars, you can find out how much your congressional representative is worth. What I want to know is how my old senator (Biden) ended up with -$12,000 (or he was when the data […]

  2. Lexie says:

    How much money would the document of”In Congress” be worth?