Ordering Checks Online Saves You A Lot Of Money.

I just ordered new checks online and had them at my house in less than a week. Although I did not want to order new checks, as we are moving in about 40 days, I used my last check the other day and still have some bills that get paid by regular old checks so I needed a few to get me through this last month and a half here in California and the first month or so in New Mexico until I set up our new bank accounts there. First I went to my bank’s website, Bank of America, to see how much a single book of checks would cost me, and a few things surprised me.

For starters, you had to be enrolled in online banking just to order checks. Now this is not a problem for me, as I have been doing online banking for many years…but for people like my mom, this would be a deal breaker. She still walks into her bank and talks to the people that work there, and she still writes checks at the store to pay for things! Online banking and her do not mix. In addition to this requirement, the checks were going to cost $18.00 because they only came in certain styles and with duplicates – neither of which I care about. Add on the shipping charge and the price would have been astronomical. This is when I remembered Checks in the Mail, whom I had ordered from years and years ago!

Checks in the Mail has way more options than a bank does and has them for much cheaper. I just chose the basic check and typeface that I wanted, entered in our names, bank account number and bank routing number, and…done. That easy. I clicked “confirm order” and my grand total, for just a single book of checks, was $8.99 plus $2.95 handling charge – $11.94, delivered to my door in less than a week.

If you need checks, I recommend skipping your bank and ordering them online from Checks in the Mail, as I am very happy with the checks I received…even if I will probably only need a few of them before switching banks!

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  1. thias says:

    Another option would be to just open a quick online account and just get the free checks. I use Etrade and they give me free checks even in addition to the first set they sent

  2. Patrick says:

    I need to check this out… I have a business bank account, but I didn’t order checks because they cost about $30 for a book. There was no way I was going to pay that much for a regular book of checks!