Sunday Money Roundup – Showing The Apartment Edition.

Things are getting interesting around here – now that we told our landlord we are moving out on June 30th, she has already started showing our place to potential renters! This neighborhood is one of the most sought-after areas to live in around here, as who doesn’t want to live a block from the ocean? Anyway, we have to keep tidying up and having people come through our apartment and it feels like I am showing my house to buyers. Very strange. On to the roundup…

Here are the carnivals that My Two Dollars took part in this past week:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #153 was hosted at Money & Values. My post “No Interest For 12 Months Does Not Mean No Interest At All” was included. Thanks so much for hosting!

The 140th Carnival of Debt Reduction over at Prime Time Money. My article Ten Quick Easy Ways To Reduce Your Debt was chosen as an Editor’s Pick. Thanks PT!

The Carnival of Money Stories #60 was over at College of Cash. My article “How Much Will We Save By Moving This Summer?” was included. Thanks so much!

And here are 10 articles that caught my eye. Go check them out and see why!

Paid Twice talks about a new way to snowflake away some money – you know you want to read it, so head right on over.

No Credit Needed has something anyone in debt can really use – the No Credit Needed Debt Reduction Guide Free eBook Download. Head on over to NCN and download your copy.

According to some estimates, every household, on average, wastes 15% of its income. This wasted money disappears into needless things that do not offer any real and lasting value. Impulse buys and “great deals” that are “too good to pass up” “” even if it isn’t something you need. What could you be doing with this wasted money instead? Well, if you have debt, you can use it as part of a debt reduction plan.

Moolanomy has put together a great set of resources for Saving Money On Gas, Water, and Electricity.

Money Ning is giving away $1000…be sure to enter!

The Wisdom Journal talks about two words that can advance your career. Do you know what they are?

Master Your Card asks a question I often asked myself over the years before making a change – Do You Work to Live, Or Live to Work? Good stuff…

Lazy Man & Money writes about financing the love of your life.

Plonkee Money says she should choose frugal over cheap when choosing appliances. I couldn’t agree more – and be sure to look for energy efficiency as well, which saves even more money.

Blunt Money has a great article up about reducing consumption. Go check it out. Really.

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  1. […] My Two Dollars: Sunday Money Roundup – Showing The Apartment Edition. […]

  2. bluntmoney says:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

  3. Fico Queen says:

    Make sure to hide any prescription drugs you may have. Many potential tenants will actually look in your medicine cabinet & steal them while you’re not looking. Some people will do anything, including posing as a tenant, to get what they want.

  4. david says:

    Wow, good idea. Thanks!

  5. Hey David, “thank you” for the mention. 😀

  6. @ Fico Queen: Oh my, I’ve never heard of such a thing… I’m so naive!

  7. Fico Queen says:

    I felt the same way when my real estate agent first told me about this kind of thing happening (it occurs when selling a home too). Then I had a party at my house one time and a friend of a friend actually stole some of my husband’s post shoulder surgery pain meds, right out of our guest bathroom! I’ve been on a mission since to let people know – this really does happen!