Sunday Money Roundup – One Month From Today.

Between trying to start packing, arranging for utilities, switching insurance companies, driving up to San Francisco this weekend to see friends for the last time in a while, and having my Mother-In-Law come to visit in 2 weeks, this last month before the move is incredibly hectic. But still, I found time to read some of my favorite personal finance sites, and here are 10 articles that caught my eye this past week. Enjoy!

My Dollar Plan has Step 5 in creating your own Dollar Plan – “Now that you’ve aligned your goals and your values it’s time to fit them in with the rest of your monthly budget. This piece is actually easier than you would think since you’ve put so much thought into the work you’ve done up to this point.”

Patrick at Cash Money Life has advice that all of us can use – how to increase our credit scores.

Mrs. Micah talks about doing well in college because she did not have to work at the same time. While I agree with her that it probably helps to not have to work (and I hope to be able to pay for my kids college), I am not sure it helped me as I wasn’t the greatest of students anyway!

Money Ning cannot find anything to spend his money on – you should go help him out asap!

Dough Roller talks about one thing that truly concerns me about “online everything” – phishing scams. I always worry that my mom will fall victim to one of these scams and give some thief access to her bank account.

Being Frugal has some tips on saving water around the house.

Frugal Dad – The Most Expensive Two Dollars I’ve Ever Saved. Loved this post and you will too, as we have all had an experience like this where we start questioning our tactics!

Gather Little By Little talks about how much money we are all spending on our pets. It is getting out of control and GLBL has some tips on saving money!

Generation X Finance is all about the soaring cost of food…if by soaring, you mean $1.65 more. Go check out what Jeremy is talking about.

And finally, Jim over at Blueprint For Financial Prosperity has assembled a free e-book about major money-related issues to focus on when you enter the real world for the first time after college. You should really go check it out if you feel it is something you can use!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Moving is always hectic! Good luck with the move and have a great time visiting family and friends before you go. And thanks for the mention! 🙂

  2. Lynnae says:

    Moving is such a hassle, but it must be exciting for you to be realizing your dream! Best wishes on the move, and thanks for the mention!

  3. david says:

    Thanks guys!

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