Rent A Mobile Broadband Card For Your Laptop By The Day.

I have been considering picking up a wireless internet card for my laptop for a while now, so I can be connected anywhere we go without having to worry about wi-fi hotspots. The cards themselves are free from most providers, but several of them do not offer unlimited access – they cap you at a certain number of MB’s per day. Sprint seems to be the only one that offers unlimited service, but at $50 a month it is not cheap – that’s at least $600 a year (before fees and taxes and probably a multi-year agreement) for something that I probably would not use that often. So what is a good alternative? How about renting a wireless access card by the day or month?

That’s what RoVair.com is doing – renting you a Verizon or Sprint mobile broadband for about $6 a day. Granted, that rate is for renting it by the month, but still – even if I needed it for a full month it would cost me $180, rather than signing up for a multi-year contract that could cost me thousands of dollars. Sounds like a good idea for someone like me who doesn’t travel for work and only occasionally needs broadband service away from wi-fi spots…and maybe it would be good for our train trip this Christmas from Albuquerque to Boston!

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  1. Mary says:


    Thanks for your suggestion. Can you let me know if you end up trying this wireless service provider for your upcoming trip to Boston? I am going to be making a similar trip to Boston and will need to do some work while I am there. I was hoping to try a provider that someone else recommends.

    Please let me know how your experience was with RoVair.

    Thanks so much!

  2. david says:

    I am not renting one for this trip, as I decided to use this time to step away from the computer and relax. But if I ever do, will be sure to post about it!

  3. deborah says:

    If you need to rent an 4G unlimited mobile broadband hotspot device while in Los Angeles, try Travel Entertainment iPads.