Obama Calling For A Second Stimulus Income Tax Rebate Check.

And the dumb idea keeps getting dumber…another stimulus package coming soon?

Seems Barack Obama has had too much of GW Bush’s Kool-Aid

Barack Obama, the US Democratic presidential candidate, has called for a second economic stimulus package worth $30 billion to boost the ailing US economy. The Illinois senator, speaking in New York on Thursday, also called for tougher government regulation of the US financial system to avert another housing crisis. “If we can extend a hand to banks on Wall Street, we can extend a hand to Americans who are struggling,” Obama said.

Yea, except the banks won’t have to pay it back. Seriously…again? We are already going to have to pay back the first one in the form of higher taxes down the road, and now they want to send more “free money” out to Americans? Nothing is for free, especially when it comes from the government. Political Pandering at it’s finest, and I liked and gave money to Obama.

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  1. A.B. says:

    I am just speculating, but I don’t think this stimulus package will be in the form of checks to individuals. His proposal ($30 billion) is less than 1/5 of the original $170 billion package. His proposal would likely call for incentives to businesses in the form of tax breaks for capital expenditures, etc.

  2. david says:

    One of the articles I read said that a chunk of it would be in the form of tax “rebates” (I love how they call them that) mailed to taxpayers, so who knows…

  3. FFB says:

    I’m sure we’ll hear some interesting things out of the candidates mouths until November. We don’t even know how well the first stimulus worked and he mentions another. Stupid. But people will fall for it I’m sure.

  4. david says:

    Of course they will, FFB, of course they will. And then they will wonder why their taxes went up next year!

  5. amber says:

    See, now what I don’t get is on another website I looked at, it had stated that obama had already planned on raising taxes, so he wouldnt be going for this…

  6. david says:

    Obama is not calling for raising taxes in general, only on people making above $603,000. But even so, this is still a bad idea.

  7. terrance says:

    i hope yall send out another rebate check cause thiers no jobs are hiring right now and it is getting ruff out here so please make a decision asap befor somebody star a riot out here and people get hurt or kids start doing bad stuff cause they cant get what they want